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Leadership and Team Building training provides Sherwin-Williams a new learning experience
上海 2013.3.21-3.22

Sherwin-Williams is a global company with annual sales exceeding 8 billion US dollars.  There are over 30,000 employees worldwide with 3,400 self own speciality stores.  Sherwin-Williams is among the top three painting material supplier in the world.
Apollo recently conducted in-house leadership training, the focus is for the middle management.  The objective is to provide a strong sense of leadership and team building to the company, so as to meet the challenges of the coming years and to improve the overall performance of the company.  This training not only to focus on the theories, the most important is for the candidates to remember how to apply those principles as to become second nature through practices.  This training course used many different proven techniques to enhance the candidate’s skills.  The training covers the key areas of good leadership to understand your own style as to become more effective in leading others.  In addition, the leadership styles for different maturity level of subordinates are also introduced to make the leadership more effective.  Effective brain storming techniques for problem-solving, project tasks planning, risk management is also provided with comprehensive exercises.
The key to motivation with effective communication becomes a key part in leadership training.  This includes providing feedback, influence, praise, questioning, criticizing, coaching, delegating, and boosting are all essential skills for a good leader.  Furthermore, the creative team exercise all encouraged the candidates to work together to understand the importance of leadership, planning, problem solving, team building, negotiation and time management skills.  The satisfaction rate for this training has exceeded expectations, and many candidates provided a full 10/10 for each category of the rating.  It is one of the best training the candidates received.

Apollo Consulting Group is an Accredited Training Organization which delivers Project Management and other certifications on behalf of APMG. Since 2003 it has trained over 2000 professional project managers and completed many international projects. Apollo offers PRINCE2, ITIL (IT Service Management), Agile Project Management,  Managing Successful Programs (MSP) in addition to other advanced PM, Product Management and purchasing programs. Apollo has head office in Beijing, with branch office in Hong Kong.


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