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Apollo Delivered Value to Vietnam Government
Beijing September 10-13, 2012

After the extensive preparation and evalution, the Vietname ICT Development Project Management Unit, Ministry of Information and Communication of Vietnam, has chosen Apollo as their provide for the Value Analysis-Value Engineering (VAVE) training.

The reason that the Vietnam chose Apollo is due to the course design, the professional image, the trainer’s background that matched their needs.

Throughout the discussion, the customer is very concerned about the product or service cost they are providing, the focus of the course is to concentrate on creating value, reviewing the value and reducing cost of a product.  With the tools and techniques introduced to them, they have a strong feeling that they can reduced cost by as much as 40% in a VA-VE project.

The candidates were fully satisfied and expressed beyond expectations, they believe that the course is practical and easy to use and created many new dimension of thinking.  Further training and cooperation are planning to build up the expertise of the client.
Apollo Consulting Group is an Accredited Training Organization which delivers Project Management and other certifications on behalf of APMG. Since 2003 it has trained over 2000 professional project managers and completed many international projects. Apollo offers PRINCE2, ITIL (IT Service Management), Project, Program and Portfolio Management (P3O) in addition to other advanced PM and purchasing programs. Apollo has head office in Beijing, with branch office in Hong Kong.

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