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Apollo releases “Create a Blue Ocean Using Innovation and Project Management” speech during the 2nd China Project Management Training Conference
Beijing January 12-13, 2013

The second annual China Project Management Training Conference held from Jan 12 – 13, this conference gathered the best of mind among the trainers and the training organizations in project management.  Apollo has been invited by the conference organization to present during this conference.  This is a good platform to meet the experts and to communicate the industry’s trend and direction.

The organizations are increasingly demanding more and better project management trainings, as well as more and more trainers and training organizations appearing, it will be a challenge to provide a customized training that will be best suited for the organization?  How to speed up the process of badly needed project managers?  How to improve the overall project management effectiveness?  This are all part of the challenge of the organizational leaders and training managers facing today.

Due to the global recession, it has directly affected the China’s economy.  Many export bound industries are having a tough time due to the cut back in orders from the United States and European countries.  Many factories near the Yangzhi delta and the Pearl delta have collapsed, while a some of them have been doing well using innovation at the same time.

Based on the above environment, Francis delivered a speech regarding how to use innovation and project management to create a blue ocean, in order for the companies to move up the value chain.  This is not only to become more competitive, but to deliver more value to the customers.  In turn, this approach will also create the right products for the local market demand.  This is extremely important for a country that used to rely on export market to fuel its growth.

Apollo has a comprehensive innovation management training program, from identifying opportunities, creating value, the systematic brain-storming techniques, idea evaluation, and development to design for manuafacturing and finally launching of the product.  This is a comprehensive approach to provide effective innovation training.

Apollo focuses on effective business change management in training and consultancy, to enhance organizations to become more effective and adaptive in a fast changing global economy.


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