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Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ successfully finished PRINCE2 training in HK
March 23, 2012 Hong Kong
It was the second time that Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ invited Apollo as their PRINCE2 training supplier, ever since last December, clients are quite happy with the PM Core Concepts of PRINCE2 of Apollo. The students are from various operational departments, most of them did not have project management training before. Our lead trainer Francis Hung had specialized the course for the students and had put the theories into practice according to their working routine. This provided the students with the right project management concepts along with PRINCE2’s methodology.

After the systematic learning from Francis, they attained a fully understanding of project management and had put it into practice at work. They even attended the exam of PRINCE2 just on the third day after the training, although it’s difficult for them, they were full of confidence with themselves and Francis.

We’ve received APMG’s notice recently, all 100% of the students had passed the exam in this training, all of them will receive the PRINCE2 certificate. It’s a very good achievement for all candidates, as it is quite a challenge for them being not working in project discipline before, it also had set a nice example for the other students from Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ in next month.



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