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Leadership and Team Building training provides Sherwin-Williams a new learning experience

Apollo recently conducted in-house leadership training, the focus is for the middle management.  The objective is to provide a strong sense of leadership and team building to the company, so as to meet the challenges of the coming years and to improve the overall performance of the company.  This training not only to focus on the theories, the most important is for the candidates to remember how to apply those principles as to become second nature through practices.  This training course used many different proven techniques to enhance the candidate’s skills.


Apollo delivered an unique B2B product management training in Shanghai

Product management is the focus point of the enterprise’s focus of development.  Proper product management allows an enterprise to become world’s top 500 company, (as in Apple Inc.), or being forced out of the market (as in Kodak Inc.) within 10 years time frame.  Apollo develops its own course in product management focus on B2B environment, and is used throughout the product lifecycle.  Mr. Hung being the product management from identifying the best market segment to compete, to identify the creative product that will make a splash in the targeted market space.

product group photo 1


Strategic Purchasing and Supplier Relationship Management - a double punch for Purchasing Success

Purchasing and sales are the two strategic departments in the company that contributes directly to the bottom line.  Effective purchasing management is not only provides a competitive edge but is significant to the profitability of the company.  This courses provides a strategic ways to effective purchasing as well as develop the powerful supplier relationship to leverage the power of working with the suppliers.

purchasing group photo sm

Apollo releases “Create a Blue Ocean Using Innovation and Project Management” speech during the 2nd China Project Management Training Conference

The second annual China Project Management Training Conference held from Jan 12 – 13, this conference gathered the best of mind among the trainers and the training organizations in project management.  Apollo has been invited by the conference organization to present during this conference.  This is a good platform to meet the experts and to communicate the industry’s trend and direction.


Apollo Delivered Value Engineering (VAVE) to Vietnam Government

After the extensive preparation and evalution, the Vietname ICT Development Project Management Unit, Ministry of Information and Communication of Vietnam, has chosen Apollo as their provide for the Value Analysis-Value Engineering (VAVE) training.

The reason that the Vietnam chose Apollo is due to the course design, the professional image, the trainer’s background that matched their needs.

First combined MS Project® and Mind Manager® for project managers successfully launched

Effective project management in practical sense will need to have project tools to enable project managers to become more effective.  Without a project management tool, the planning, tracking and control will be a nightmare for a large project.  Since many project planning include detailed breakdown of the tasks and activities, brainstorming, and risks identification and management, as well as progress tracking, all can be benefited by the Mind Management software.


Apollo maintains a 100% pass rate in ITIL exam since inception in 2008

Apollo had given a public ITIL v3 Foundation Training class in Beijing recently, ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is the world’s most popular IT service management process and standard, it is also the IEC 20000 IT service management standard and is considered as one of the best practice in the industry.

ITIL 120731

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Apollo applied Project Management and Tools training for dairy products

Apollo delivered its 3 days Project Management Tools wrokshop for Fonterra company in Beijing, the company is a A leading multinational dairy company, owned by 13000 New Zealand dairy farmers and the world's largest exporter of dairy products. This course has been tailored based on the Fonterra’s background and activities. The theme of the presentation is how to manage Project Management Tools successfully in their work.

Fonterra 1
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Apollo Successfully completed Product Management training for Harman

As China is competing globally, the rising labor cost and the rise of other low cost countries are applying pressure to China’s industry.  China’s industry can no longer focus on low cost manufacturing, it has to move up the value chain to maintain its competitiveness.

120508 Harman

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PRINCE2 Practitioner Training Achieved Excellent Scores

The students in this class have achieved excellent scores, the total average is A. The average scores of foundation is more than 90 and practitioner is over 85 which are wonderful.


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Multiple Product management training successfully delivered

The product management course was finished on March 2, 2012 in Shanghai, students are fully satisfied with the class. They claimed the course has brought them the true value to their work and it’s very practical.

Product management 3.27-1

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Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi completed 4th round of PRINCE2 training with 100% pass rate

It was the second time that Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ invited Apollo as their PRINCE2 training supplier, ever since last December, clients are quite happy with the PM Core Concepts of PRINCE2 of Apollo. The students are from various operational departments, most of them did not have project management training before. Our lead trainer Francis Hung had specialized the course for the students and had put the theories into practice according to their working routine. This provided the students with the right project management concepts along with PRINCE2’s methodology.


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First outstanding PMP Training completed with a Splash in Hong Kong

The first PMP training of 2012 completed successfully in HK at the Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hotel.  The four days intensive training provided comprehensive project management knowledge.  The students came from global well known enterprisese including Hong Kong Jockey Club, Adidas, Microsoft, RIM (Blackberry), China Light & Power.  The candidates have titles as senior project manager, operation manager, senior engineer and general manager.

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PRINCE2 training achieved high satisfaction of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (MUFJ)

In an organization that runs project constantly, it is important to have a set of project development standard so the project managers can have a consistent way of managing the challenges, the team members all have a consistent language to tackle the challenge.

After months of investigation and evaluation, the Bank of Tokyo has selected the PRINCE2 methodology to manage their projects, This will not only provide a systematic way to manage project processes, but also a structure way to monitor and control the project, especially from a governance point-of-view.

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Value Analysis and Value Engineering Workshop Successfully Completed in Shanghai

A great demand in the market since China's industry is under a lot of pressure to reduce cost, with the rising labor cost, the rising Yuan, competition from other developing countries.  In order to meet customer demand. Apollo provided the VAVE training in Shanghai on Dec 1 to 2.

Until now, there is no systematic way to help engineers and managers to develop a cost reduction strategy; even more importantly, to add the right features into the product to product the right value for the target customers.


Value Engineering in the Middle East

Apollo has been invited to provide a comprehensive training in value engineering to the product team for a large corporation in the middle east.  Prior to the training, Apollo made extensive study of their industry, customerized the training for the group and received many good reviews from the team.  The objectve of the training is to help to make their products more competitive and appropriate for the market.

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Apollo has become the first group in China to obtain Agile Project Management ATO certification

The world acclaimed Agile program has been used in indusry to solve the time-to-market problem.  Apollo is the first ATO group in China to obtain such certification to deliver the training and certification to its delegates.   Agile project management concept is in response to the market demand of an ever changing market environment.  With uncompromised in quality and always deliver the right product to the customer as a foundation.  It can work as an enhancement on the existing project management framework such as PMI–PMBOK® or Cabinet Office PRINCE2®

agilepm logo
Negotiation Training for Sourcing Managers Successfully Completed in Shanghai

Negotiation is an important part of a purchasing manager.  As part of the overall purchasing process, a well trained purchasing manager will make a significant contribution to the company’s bottom line profit. This is especially true when the new purchasing manager need to face the seasoned sales people, who have been well equipped to deals with customers of all kinds.

Apollo Successfully Completed English PRINCE2 training in Hong Kong with A+ results

Apollo delivered its full 5 days PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner trainings in Hong Kong, participants are from various sectors ranged from financial, government, higher education, IT industries and independent consultants.  The feedback for this training has been outstanding with an average of A+ result for Apollo.   All participants passed the foundation exam with outstanding performance. 


Apollo completed first public English Product Management Training in China

Apollo provided the first public English product management training in Shanghai last week, with delegates from many multi-national companies.  The course aimed at a complete systematic approach to product management approach, from the market analysis, competitive analysis to portfolio selection and management to ensure a successful delivery of the winning product.  The systematic approach to provide a comprehensive approach to manage new product, as well as delivering a set of tools to help candidates to deal with various situations is a first in China.


Congratulations to all PCH International participants in passing the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam!

During the last quarter of 2010, Apollo came to PCH International Limited Company in Shenzhen to provide project consultation.  PCH is a global company with offices in Asia, North America and Europe.

Due to their rapid development, there is a strong demand for their products and the Shenzhen office is growing rapidly.  Hence working on new projects becomes a big majority of the activities.  In order to become more effective, Apollo recommended a set of project management, purchasing management and communication management training courses to enhance their competitive advantage.


Apollo Achieved Excellent ITIL Year End Exam Results

The 2010 has been a good year for Apollo students, with the last training class held just before the 2010 year end, all student candidates felt good after the exam. Currently Apollo has an ITIL training class every month; all past records for Apollo has been 100% pass rate. With most of the students achieved the better than average score.  The last class of the year has an exceptional average A+ score that got everyone excited.

Apollo is continuously upgrading and improving its training methods and quality of the training materials to maximize the effectiveness and results.  Apollo currently is the only company in China that provides Chinese and English training on a regular schedule basis.

Apollo Successfully Completed last 2010 ITIL Training

Apollo completed the last ITIL of 2010 over the past week in Beijing.  The training is based on English course material while the trainer Mr. Francis Hung used Chinese.  This is a good combination as the next intermediate level of ITIL training can only be available in English; the foundation English course materials will give them a good understanding of the terminologies.  This approach is popular among local and multinational companies in China. 


Apollo achieved another high satisfaction with Executive Project Management training

In early December, Apollo lead trainer Francis Hung has been invited to provide a one day Executive Project Management training to the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park.  The attendees are mostly the project managers, director and senior executives.  The Hong Kong Science & Technology Park is a group of companies who works on the forefront of innovations to produce new products from IT, precision engineering, biotech, telecom, etc.


Event Management Successfully Completed in Shanghai

On Oct 25 to 26, Apollo trainer Mr. Francis Hung delivered the long awaited Successful Event Management at the Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel. This has been a semi-custom training based on the requests from various industry sectors who want to have a comprehensive training on delivering an outstanding event. Quality training, preaching best practices and practical implementation with tools and techniques are the key points for Apollo is thriving for.



Apollo presenting at the first APMG China conference

The first APMG China conference will be held this October in Beijing Han Hua International Hotel. As the APMG partner, Apollo has been invited to attend this upcoming significant event. Apollo is the accredited ATO from APMG with training and certification for Cabinet Office’s PRINCE2 project management, ITIL – IT service management, and P3O project, program and portfolio management.

Mr. Alan Harpham, the global APMG managing director, and the APMG Greater China general manager Ms. Helen Yu will be attending this event. Mr. Harpham will address the future direction of project portfolio, program and project. Mr. Francis Hung, the managing director of Apollo Consulting, will be presenting the “Secret of Olympic Project Success”, with case studies on Olympic projects including the Beijing Olympic, and how the PRINCE2 project management principles applied to them.


Apollo being first choice for ITIL foundation training

Soon after the August ITIL v3 foundation training completion, as per the request from the students, Apollo used English training materials while conducting the training in Chinese. This approach has benefited the students in many ways: first, the students can be more familiar with the technical terms of ITIL as they are more internationally recognized. If you are doing a search in internet, you will find more explanations and references in all ITIL terminologies. Second, if you are working in a multi-national environment, the ITIL terms appears to be easier for your work, as well as for your career development. For example, can you relate the term ‘Sunflower service desk’ to ‘24x7 service desk’? Even if you do, it may take you a little guessing of what it may mean. Third, if you plan to further your career in ITIL, the ITIL Expert and Master level exams will only have the English version, you may need to re-learn all the terms from your basic training. ITIL foundation is mainly about concepts and terminologies, so it may be a fair amount of efforts to review them.



Project Management training for Purchasing Managers

Traditional thinking of the purchasing managers’ tasks is to negotiate with the suppliers to get the best price. Apollo, acting on behalf of EIPM (European Institute of Purchasing Management) delivered a 3 day comprehensive project management training for purchasing managers. Its focus is to provide a set of tools, techniques, processes and best practices to deliver the maximum value to the project. Instead of the normal project standards on time, cost, quality and scope; buyers and purchasing managers need to meet the additional purchasing requirements on Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD). It is also implied that buyers and purchasing managers are also accountable for the outcome of their actions on QCD. 



Secret of Olympic Project Success received warm welcome in Hong Kong

Soon after the popular Olympics seminar at the Beijing Science and Technology University, Apollo joint force with D&B to provide a similar Olympic seminar in Hong Kong. The focus of this seminar is for the executives and senior project managers, program managers to review the results of various results of the mega size Olympic projects. The seminar was presented by Apollo’s managing director Francis Hung, his company has been actively involved in the Beijing Olympics, F1 car race in Shanghai and recently the Shanghai Expo project management.

The attendance was overwhelmed in Hong Kong, D&D had to change site to accommodate the extra audiences, the attendance has a cross spectrum of HR managers, project managers from various industries and the government.



Applying PRINCE2 project management approach for the financial industry

Apollo was invited to provide a specific training to one of China’s largest financial institute on project management in April.Since the establishment, the Shenzhen financial institute has been involved with many projects, large and small. The project team members are mostly very experienced project managers, with project experience average 15 years, and over half of them already received PMP certification. This professional group was looking forward to see if a more comprehensive project management system that can propel them to a more successful proper project management system.Francis provided a customized talk on using PRINCE2 to overlay on their existing project management methods.


Strong PRINCE2 Momentum with 2 classes in March

Due to the popular demand, Apollo has conducted two training classes in March. As the structured project management methodology is getting popular in the world, especially in Europe and many parts of the world. PRINCE2 for its consistency in corporate program management, portfolio management, it provides the project management the right kind of control and interface to the project management world. For the project management office, it needs the control of the projects under the program initiative it is taken; on the other hand, it also needs to meet the strategic direction of the portfolio office of the top level strategic planning and implementation. 



Apollo enhanced Shanghai Expo project management

The upcoming Shanghai Expo is a major event that has been called “The Olympic of the Economic Event”. After the successful completion of the Beijing Olympics, the world on China is focused on the Shanghai Expo. The event preparation ranges from planning, construction, operation and display, as well as the final close down. All activities must be at the first class where lots and lots of business opportunities and transaction will take place. Apollo has been invited to provide a practice approach to handle this particular project and event management training.

Let’s wish the Expo event be the world’s best, and with the fantastic return to China and the world.



Apollo maintains a 100% pass rate on all PRINCE2 exams

Soon after the outstanding PRINCE2 exam results for all 30 graduate students in December 2009, the January exam for the PRINCE2 class has met all expectations. Whether it is the foundation or the practitioner, all students passed both exams within the 5 days of intensive training and exam preparation.

As we know that the world famous PRINCE2 project management training has two levels: the global foundation level usually has a near 90% pass rate, while the practitioner level, aimed to prepare project managers with solid project management techniques, has a global pass rate of around 60%. The Apollo approach of the 5 days hard work definitely brings fruits.

We would like to congratulate those who passed the exams before the Spring Festival, as a good achievement in their career.


Project Control and Earned Value Management – Setting new standards for Apollo

With the recent successful trainings in Hong Kong and many cities in China, Apollo has succeeded another advanced project management training in project control and earned value. Whether it is in the new techniques introduction, advanced training content and interactive learning through live case studies, it has set a new standard for Apollo.

Majority of project management are focused on planning, with the right project plan in scheduling, cost estimate and quality requirements; however, after the planning, project managers have to face the real world of monitoring the actual progress versus the plan. Being able to get early warning and early correction is what the essence of earned value management can help project managers to deal with such situations. This is particularly important if you are using contractors or sub-contractors in your project. If you are not trained on earned value, they can probably guide you through the garden path and have a big surprise down the road in your project. This earned value training from Apollo provides the methods to detect the patterns of how to detect and audit earned value data throughout the project.

Classes on PRINCE2 and IT service management is scheduled for February, just before the Chinese new year, the registration is overwhelmed that a second course is planned for early March, 2010.


First 2010 PRINCE2 training in Beijing successfully completed

In this new year of 2010, Apollo has opened its first PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner training course in Beijing. The event lasted 5 days, including both training, exam preparation and writing the actual exam. Students were thrilled with the wealth of experience from the lead trainer Francis Hung and his training method, they believe that the they will be able to make use of the methodology at work right after their trainings.

The participants came from consulting and finance consultants and with some of them being senior trainers in their fields. The training started with the foundation concept where they built a strong foundation in their knowledge, practiced with PRINCE2 examples and case studies. These approaches have built up their confidence in writing the exam. "Francis is a dynamic facilitator who can maintain good energy levels over the whole 5-day course. The content is practical and directly applicable to my job." P. Murphy, Regional Manager, Language Key Training Limited. "Very practical and easy to learn through graphical explanation and group discussion." S. Chen, Senor Financial Specialist, Thomson Reuters.

Apollo is dedicated in bring project management success to the industry, with its continuous investments in human resources, PM methodologies and techniques to assist enterprises to reach their PM goals.


prince2 apmg ato logo

Apollo Delivered Outstanding ITIL v3 Results in Hong Kong

The first Apollo ITIL training was launched in Hong Kong in November, due to the overwhelmed participation, a second ITIL v3 training was followed right after. Through long and thorough preparation, with an innovative teaching technique, the training encourages everyone to participate, with stimulus thinking and various activities, to ensure that all students will maximize their training benefit.

The recent news from APMG informed us that both Apollo classes from the last ITIL v3 training has achieved 100% pass rate. Three candidates have achieved greater than 95% score. We are pleased to announce this outstanding achievements and will try harder in 2010 to move up the benchmark. Please watch out for future courses from Apollo in PMP®, PRINCE2®, P3O® and ITIL® next year.


itil apmg ato logo

Successful Project Management Training Finished Successfully in Shanghai

The public project management course aimed to improve the project management efficiency and becoming a more agile organization. Candidates not only came from Shanghai and surrounding areas, focusing on solving project management issues especially in the manufacturing sector. The training uses the world’s best practice from PMBOK and PRINCE2 principles, where PMBOK is the standard from U.S. Project Management Institute, while the PRINCE2 is the UK government’s mandatory project management standard for all public works. The combination of both standards ensure that the optimum approach is used to get the best project management practice for the project.

Apollo became the first company in Hong Kong to offer the Cabinet Office P3O Training

Portfolio, Program and Project Offices (P3O® ) is the latest project management best practice from Cabinet Office. It was published in November 2008. Apollo is the first company in Hong Kong to offer this advanced course accreditation.

Apollo in China has received this ATO accreditation. Apollo also has a branch office in Hong Kong. APMG accreditation is a respected seal of approval, accreditation provides important and unique benefits for training providers seeking to demonstrate the quality of their services. This is particularly important in today's competitive marketplace.

p3o apmg ato logo



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