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Should I take the PRINCE2 or PMP (PMBOK) certification?

-  by Francis Hung

A very common question that many people have asked me as a project manager, whether they should opt for a PRINCE2 or PMP (PMBOK), since both designations are very popular worldwide.

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a  major worldwide project management framework, or methodology and takes a different approach than the PMI’s PMBOK, but the goal of both is to improve project performance or success rate. Far too many projects did not meet their objectives, billions of dollars are wasted each year.  I can recall some famous ones, including some that I personally aware in my own working environment.  All projects requires funding, this precious resource are investments that could have gone into the bottom line profit.

Your initial choice of which certification to take may be based on your location and industry, and we can analyze the options based on merits of both.  Let us first see the basic geographical difference between PRINCE2 and PMBOK.

PMBOK is well-accepted and popular worldwide, and is without any doubt the dominating project management approach in North America.  PMI membership concentrates with 70% in North America.  In Asia Pacific, the PMP population is about 35,000, while China has a population of 10,000. PMI entered China in 2000 while APMG’s PRINCE2 only has their ATO (Accredited Training Organization) in 2007.  PRINCE2 originates in UK, however, it spreads more evenly globally with over 70% members lies outside the country. In China the PRINCE2 growth rate is at 100% per year, it is anticipated that it will reach 50,000 certification over the next 5 years. [1]

PRINCE2 is the de-facto standard for the United Kingdom as it is mandatory in all government projects. It also has a strong presence in Europe and Australia, and is expanding its reach on a constant basis as is with PMBOK.  Hence, if you want to make a career in the UK as a project manager, then PRINCE2 certification is highly recommended.  If your plan is to work in the public sector of UK, then PRINCE2 certification is almost mandatory.  For example, if you go through the some of the recruitment advertisement in the UK, you can easily understand that without PRINCE2 certification you probably won’t be considered at all.

Second, let’s consider the technical merits of both PMBOK and the PRINCE2
First of all , PMBOK is a framework (guide) and PRINCE2 a methodology.  That PMBOK is a collection of recommendations and best practices.  PMBOK consists of the tools and techniques of project management and is a guide telling how things could be done whereas PRINCE2 is a methodology, with a clear process, steps and templates.  If you as a project leader or project manager you follow PRINCE2 then you are very clear about the next step to follow.  PMBOK gives you the training and skills that a project manager can based on.  It is more focus on the skill sets development and situation handling for a project manager.  More project manager’s skill sets are covered in PMBOK including procurement, human resource and team management.  In PRINCE2, the emphasis is more on the project governance, defining the onset of quality requirements, acceptance criteria and clear responsibility of the project board members before the project even starts.  The process is fully scalable for different size of projects so you won’t be overwhelmed by the documentations and the processes. PRINCE2 is more in line with Cabinet Office’s  project risk management, manage successful projects, program and portfolio management to ensure that the right projects are being worked on.  More detailed discussion on the differences and merits of the two standards can be found in reference [2]

From the geographical point of view the question is answered that if you are located in North America or UK.  Personally, in my opinion a good project manager should have both the PRINCE2 and PMP certifications.  Even if one doesn’t have both the certifications still at least one should be familiar with both.  It is a popular scenario in UK after receiving the PRINCE2 certification, the project manager will supplement with PMP training while in North America, PMP members wants to take the PRINCE2 in order to get more on the Project Control and with an additional globally recognized certification.

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[1] Implementing a VISA Project in a PRINCE2 Project Management Environment. Paul Bradley, Scope Project Management. 2007

[2] How PRINCE2 Can Complement PMBOK and Your PMP. Jay Siegelaub

PRINCE2® is the registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office. PMBOK® is the registered trade mark of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) in the United States and other countries.




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