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People Skills for Project Managers

Course: PMI005 Duration: 2 Days

The people skills are the important skills that can make a big difference to the success or failure of a project. Designed for project managers that already have the basics of project management skills, this course will address the most essential elements of people skills in leadership, communication, conflict resolution and negotiation.

Leadership is keyed to your current job and preparing for more seniority in the future. Having a good grasp of your own leadership style and practice and how it affects your ability to get things done is a first step. Part of your leadership style is your communication and decision making ability as well as your interpersonal skills in working with various stakeholders, both internal and external. Being a good leader is also about maintaining the highest degree of personal integrity and professional ethics and creating a climate of inclusiveness that promotes respect for all forms of diversity.

Communication skill allows you to communicate effectively, getting the things done through people effectively. The training will assist you to develop a communication plan with the right amount of information that you can communicate in all directions from the senior management, suppliers down to each team members. It is absolutely at the core of playing as a leader. Information is power, with power you get legitimacy to be the leader.

Conflict resolution is another soft skill that allows you as a leader to master the technique to resolve the human conflict issue, which is unavoidable in any real life situation. Once you have mastered the skill, you can change in team dynamics from working against each other to a powerful team performance stage. This skill development is a must for any successful project manager.

Negotiation skills are becoming increasingly critical to a project manager's daily activity. A project manager is constantly negotiating with all stakeholders, but once you have mastered your negotiation skills, you gain the ability to add value in numerous ways to improve your project performance and add value to your organization. You will be able to create better agreements and build better relationships with your project team, your suppliers, your customers and your bosses. In this course you will learn when it is appropriate to negotiate, and how to do so successfully. Emphasis is placed on planning for successful negotiations along with negotiation tactics to real life simulation of a negotiation.

If you want to build a high performance team, this seminar is for you. You will learn from the leadership…

  • Great leader traits
  • The heroic factors in leadership, the core value, leaders vs. managers
  • The motivation factors of leadership
  • How to develop the vision / empowerment / customer focus / performance / value / loyalty / ownership into the project team
  • In the communication section, you will learn …
  • The simple and yet difficult communication process
  • Effective uplink / downlink / lateral communication
  • Designing an information retrieval/distribution system
  • Effective meetings essentials
  • In the communication section, you will learn …
  • How to identify the potential conflict situations
  • The individual styles under stress
  • The conflict resolution process
  • Explore the art of contrasting
  • In the negotiation section, you will learn …
  • Negotiation process
  • Developing a BATNA (Best Alternative To No Agreement)
  • Exploring and Exchange
  • Probe and validate assumptions
  • Negotiations tactics
  • Type of negotiations
  • Closing the negotiation
  • Negotiating with a different culture

You will listen to experts, review case studies and look at tools that can help facilitate efficient innovation across your organization. As a result, you will leave this seminar knowing what actions you need to take to make your organization more innovative.

Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers
  • Operation / Process leaders
  • Buyers/ Purchasing managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Customer service managers
  • Quality managers
  • Finance managers
  • Supply chain managers

Why this course from us is the best in the Market?

Developed and delivered by active experienced project managers dealing everyday with project management challenges in China and the rest of Asia. The training is focusing on preparing the participants to be effective in a real life project context the next week... Because we are dealing people everyday and we rely on people to get things done! We will use role play with actual case for workshop so no pie in the sky discussion!

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