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Apollo offers the latest management tools that allow organizations to continuously integrate best-in-class practices from strategic to operational level – so the management team can stay on the cutting edge of management concepts while leveraging the investment in personnel through ongoing training and development.

Apollo Consulting assists our clients to establish strategic change programs and supporting project management disciplines required to enable them to achieve their desired “end goals” and in-turn business success.

At Apollo, we allow both organizations and individuals to access and harness the abilities and skills of the most competent trainers and professionals to be found in the field of Project Management (PM), Project Management Office (PMO), Value Management (VM) and Change Management to produce performance improvements using World-Out practice. With our background, management can learn from people with experience gained from leading companies in North America, Asia and Europe.

Apollo Consulting Group can assist you in setting up and running your projects. We do this using the following steps:

  • Train you in PRINCE2® or PMP® project management – this can be tailored to the individual and organization needs
  • Assist your project managers to develop a project plan - this includes the Schedule, Cost, Quality, Scope and Risk assessment.
  • Provide ongoing project review, monitoring and control
  • Address project issues, deal with change management and project exception handling
  • How to setup project office and develop the proper documentation techniques
  • Test your knowledge by applying simulation workshops
  • Run advanced training courses for senior project managers
  • Help you set up your project organization, this can be:
    • Project office
    • Program management office
    • Portfolio management office
  • Help you staff your project management team
  • Assist you in running your project
  • Help you find the right software tool

Corporate Strategy

''Defining where an organization wants to go and how it will get there.''

Apollo supports top management of organization defines their vision that firmly based in their values and beliefs, while focusing on developing a step-by-step approach for successful strategy implementation.

We support top management

  • Creating a vision and develop a complete strategic profile
  • Clarify and refining the organization's culture, values and beliefs
  • Determining organization's core competences
  • Determining what system should be in place to support the strategy implementation
  • Setting the priorities and allocating resources
  • Communicating the strategic vision
  • Implementing a strategy through out organization

Project Management & PMO

Do you have big projects with new project managers?

Needs some coaching or some guidance in terms of budget, schedule, risk management, communication, quality or the complete project integration?

We can provide the resources, the tools and the expertise necessary to properly initiate, plan, execute & control and finally close your projects. We develop our own project management tools to meet the practical needs of project management.

Also if there is a need for a project management office, we can support your organization to implement the project management context, tools & techniques required for successfully make the proper decision regarding the launch, funding, resourcing or simply stopping a portfolio of projects.

Apollo uses a complete web base Project Management Office tool that support the entire implementation in any environment

Value Management

Need to define your value proposition to customers, shareholders or your employees in line with your strategic plan? We can help you doing that with top certified CVS expert. Our approach has been used in many different context from identifying design cost reduction opportunities, process cost reduction, feature definition of a new products , new services attributes, social contribution of public services group and much more. Also can help align internal group of large corporation in terms of priorities , objectives and roles & responsibilities.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It's not enough to find customers; you also have to keep them. Doing so means understanding their needs, providing them with a good product and unequalled service, and making their life easier. The result is a truly profitable relationship.

Business Intelligence Services

To attract and keep customers, businesses have to know their customers' expectations, needs and preferences. Business intelligence can be used by companies to paint a clear picture of their customers or their own performance by consolidation a huge amount of data into meaningful metric to the top management team that will help them make decision versus their strategic plan, business objectives and results targeted. It is also called establishing a war room or a business dashboard. Apollo also uses a web base tool to assist the implementation of such a concept.


Conducting business electronically means that companies have to change the way they work, by developing links between customers, employees, partners and suppliers. Whether your goal is to rationalize product design, optimize sales or modernize your relationships with your business partners, discover how to turn e-business into a competitive advantage.

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