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Time-to-Market: Agile Project Management
Course: APM004 Duration: 2 Days

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Course Overview


In our competitive global economy, time-to-market is the name of most industries, for any projects from IT, Telecom to any new product development organization. As we are in the information age with a dynamic market condition that change seems to be unavoidable. More and more world’s Fortune 500 companies are turning to Agile for a more effective project management methodology that embrace change, always meet customer scope expectation and yet time and quality will not be compromised.

Course Objectives

To give delegates a practical understanding of Agile Project Management which is based on the internationally recognized framework of DSDM Atern. This will enable delegates to become immediately productive as a project manager in an agile project environment. This course will also highlight the difference between simple lightweight agile approaches which typically operate at the solution delivery (or ‘work package’) level and the greater holistic view of how multiple work streams are coordinated with the appropriate level of governance and control. The course will also prepare delegates for the Foundation exam.


This course will benefit anyone with an interest in recognizing the benefits of using Agile with PMI, PRINCE2 or traditional Project Management. Attendees will include Project Managers and team members from both Agile and traditional projects, Project Sponsors and other Project Board members, Project Assurance and Project Support staff and those responsible for delivering the products.

Course Outline

Principles of conventional and Agile approaches

  • The Fundamentals and the Philosophy
  • The Principles
  • Preparation

The contrasting lifecycles

  • The Lifecycle and Products

Roles and responsibilities

  • Team structures
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Agile techniques

  • Communication
  • MoSCoW and Timeboxing
  • Lifecycle Configuration
  • Estimation and Measurement

Quality and Maintainability

Planning, Control and Risk

Selling the Agile approach

Implementing Agile Project Management

Agile PM Foundation Exam

PRINCE2 Project Management Compatibility

A significant advantage of adopting Agile Project Management is that it is a process based on DSDM Atern, and over many years Atern has proven its ability to work alongside and complement PRINCE2. So for an organization which already uses PRINCE2, adopting Agile Project Management enables the continued use of PRINCE2 with Agile Project Management providing complementary, tried and tested Agile management processes.

This course has been accredited by the APMG who are the examining body for PRINCE2 and responsible for all aspects of the provision of exams including setting, marking, feedback and appeals. Apollo Consulting Group, as an accredited training organization, is certified to deliver the training and run the exam. You will also receive your certificates through the Apollo organization.

About the Trainer
Francis Hung, P. Eng, RCDD, MBA, PMP, PRINCE2, MSP, P3O, Agile, EIPM, ITIL
Specialization Project Management Consulting & Training
Setting up project management office (PMO)
Strategic program management and purchasing management
Sector & Industry Telecom, Information Technology, Finance, manufacturing, Call Center operation
Experience Shanghai 168 Internet Call Center, Shanghai security B-share trading system, Nortel digital cross connect program manager, NASA space shuttle EMI component reliability program, China Greatwall CDMA service and billing system development program manager, Systek Information System senior VP
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This Agile Project Management is based on Atern® v2 approach. Atern® is a gregistered trade mark of Dynamic Systems Development Method Limited. Agile Project Management training is accredited by APMG-International.
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