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Project failures are all too common – some make the headlines, but the vast majority are quickly forgotten. The reasons for failure are many and varied. Some common causes are:


Insufficient attention to checking that a valid Business Case exists for the project.


Insufficient attention to Quality at the outset and during development.


Insufficient Definition of the required outcomes, leading to confusion over what the project is expected to achieve.


Lack of Communication with stakeholders and interested parties, leading to products being delivered that are not what the customer wanted.


Inadequate definition and lack of acceptance of project management Roles and Responsibilities, leading to lack of direction and poor decision making.


Poor Estimation of duration and costs, leading to projects taking more time and costing more money than expected.


Inadequate Planning and co-ordination of resources, leading to poor scheduling.


Insufficient measurable and lack of Control over progress, so that projects do not reveal their exact status until too late.


Lack of Quality Control, resulting in the delivery of products that are unacceptable or unusable.,,, cost of world pharmacy, tadalafil online, buy generic strattera online without prescription, cheap medications