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Trouble Projects

Why projects Fail?

Project failures are all too common – some make the headlines, but the vast majority are quickly forgotten. The reasons for failure are many and varied. Find out the from the study the main reasons of the failed projects.

Lesson Learned from the UK Taurus project

The London Stock Exchange Taurus project is an ambition undertaken to turn the stock trading into a paperless transaction system. The system will support 280 financial institutions and promised to reduce cost significantly. Find out why after years of development and tens of million pounds spending, the project had to be canceled.

AllState Insurance: Project Way Overbudget

Allstatte Insurance, one of the largest in North America, was going all out to automate all its insurance transactions. Find out how a $8 million budget turn out to become a $100 million project and way overdue.

Lessons from Sainsbury's Supply Chain Management Project

Find out how the giant English food retailer J Sainsbury had to write off a US$516 million automated supply chain project.

Anatomy of a Failed Project at RealNetworks

In 1999, RealNetworks and Rolling Stone Magazine got together to create a new service called Rolling Stone Radio. It is an internet based radio service that provides multiple channels, user voting, with celebrity DJ such as David Bowie and his 24 hours channel and lots of media hypes. It appears that the service got all the ingredients for success and yet the project was closed shortly after its launch, what happens?

Is Project Success Rare?

In 2004, the Standish Group released a Chaos Study, indicated that up to two-third of all projects did not meet their initial objectives, 80 percentage projects are over budget by 56%. Over half of the projects were somewhat challenged or significantly compromised.

Project Success Stories

Five Big Ideas to Improve Project Delivery

Toyota's lean principle has revolutionized the car manufacturing industry with their zero defect, quality, reliability, collaborative design, and customer value. Studies have shown similar approach to derive 5 ideas for effective project management.

Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency with Linkedln

Only two months into using LinkedIn Recruiter, Kimball Electronics achieved dramatic savings on its very first hire— and immediately decided to stop using third-party recruiters and job boards, saving them 20 to 35 percent on all future hires. Kimball now relies exclusively on LinkedIn Recruiter for highly improved cost savings, collaboration, and team productivity.

Amazon: How to Support Millions of Products and Keeping the Customers Happy

Amazon is the world's largest e-Commerce web site with over 35 main product lines and millions of products to manage. It is a challenge just to keep the product info up-to-date with useful information. Survey indicated that their customers have great user experience and actually 'Enjoy the shopping at Amazon' Learn more how they achieve this success.

Successfully Deployed the California Public Employees' Retirement System

The California Public Employee's Retirement System (CalPERS) is an organization that manage retirement and health benefits to 1.5 million employees and their families. To support such system requires the use of tools that can assist their system analysis, design, programming, testing, implementation and maintenance. Find out how portfolio program management has helped the CalPERS to monitor the project progress and optimize resource and maximize operational value.

Beijing National Stadium

The Beijing National Stadium, better known as the Bird's Nest, was designed for use throughout the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. It is the world's largest steel structure. At its height, 17,000 workers working on the project. The project went through many challenges including major design change after a collapse of a roof at the Charles de Gaulle International Airport. Yet the project was officially opened 40 days before the Olympics and came under budget of nearly $100 millions.

Hollywood Movies: On Time, On Budget are the Norm

A typical Hollywood movie takes about 200 to 300 people spread across maybe 20 specialized teams, in the production budget of $65 millions, adding the promotion the total project cost will be near $100 million. Yet the system is in place to ensure sound business practice across the life cycle of a movie project. Find out the secret of how Hollywood has refined such fine project management skills.,, purchase generic cheap actos online no prescription, cost of generic cheap lisinopril online uk,