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Home Best Practice Sports Business Projects

Sports Business Projects

Who works F1

Development and deployment of a business model for an international publication platform in China. We set up an end to end process , defined all roles and responsibilities to deliver the first ever Formula One World Championship guide in Chinese.

National Hockey Leaque

Develop and recommend a complete strategy and plans to introduce the National Hockey League on television in China...

F1 Emotions2005

To introduce in China an established International Formula One World Championship Publication platform following a business model based on advertisers and sponsors only.

Race of Champions

As an initiation phase, identify all the elements required to hold a successful final of the Race Of Champions and The Nations cup in China by year 2007.

F1 Television broadcasting Asia

To deliver a business development plan for the Television broadcasting of the Formula One World Championship series in 9 Asian countries.

PMO Implementation Projects

CBC Radio-Canada

Define and implement an national Project Management Office (PMO) overseeing all major projects of the four key units of the state own organization.

Nortel Networks

Establish a Cost reduction Project Management Office overseeing projects delivering results straight to the bottom line of Nortel.

Supply Chain Projects


Perform a feasibility study on the manufacturing outsourcing in china of all the product lines and identify market development potential....

GuangDong Nortel

To define a process that will enable the GDNT team to identify significant product cost reductions opportunities and have the capability to convert them into actual financial results by adopting a project management methodology adapted for CR projects.

Product Development Projects

Bell-Northern Research

Development prime of Nortels Digital IBDN system, complete with hardware, software, custom chips and mechanical packaging.

Shanghai B-Share Trading System

Development of Shanghai Shen Yin Wan Guo security trading system, the largest B share system in China.

Shanghai 168 Call Center

First internet-enabled call center for Shanghai 168 project. Allowing agent and customer to communicate via phone and internet collaboration.

GreatWall CDMA Network

Developed the first CDMA admin and billing system for China GreatWall Communication in Xian, Shannxi province.

Standards and Certifications

Space Shuttle Program

Developed aerospace reliability program for US Mil-Std-217, Availability/Reliability/Life Cycle Cost Modeling, Failure Analysis

ISO-9001 Certification

First Nortel R&D JV to obtain ISO-9001 software development lab certification program for China as well as China first.

Bell Telecom Standards

Developed qualification programs to meet US Bell companies standards, including LSSGR, TR-303, and ANSI FDDI.

Training Development Projects

Hong Kong Housing Authority

Developed a comprehensive adapted tailor made training program to increase project management skills and soft skills of managers and directors of the IT department.

HK Housing


Developed a training program adapted to Dun & Bradtstreet customer requirements in terms of project management skills for an operation team..

HBC-PCCW Cascade

Developed a training program adapted to Hong Kong Benchmarking Clearinghouse customer requirements in terms of getting more then 60 engineers prepared to pass the PMP exam from PMI.

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