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Home All PCH International partcipants passed PRINCE2 practitioner exam

Congratulations to all PCH International participants in passing the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam!

Shenzhen Feb, 2011
During the last quarter of 2010, Apollo came to PCH International Limited Company in Shenzhen to provide project consultation. PCH is a global company with offices in Asia, North America and Europe.

Due to their rapid development, there is a strong demand for their products and the Shenzhen office is growing rapidly. Hence working on new projects becomes a big majority of the activities. In order to become more effective, Apollo recommended a set of project management, purchasing management and communication management training courses to enhance their competitive advantage. The core of the training will be using the UK standard PRINCE2 as it has a solid methodology to manage a project.

In order to get the most effective training, Apollo used the bi-lingual training approach to match the needs for the Chinese and foreign employees. The English content will allow staffs to be able to communicate effectively on an international scale while the Chinese discussion will allow everyone to express themselves freely. The training class size was large and was divided into multiple sessions, tailored for the different needs of the staff. A large number of employee’s have committed to taking the prestigious PRINCE2 exam, not only in the foundation level, but also at the highly challenging practitioner level. Globally the practitioner exam pass rate is only at 60%.

PCH is serious about investing in the employee’s future. This is obviously a long term investment as it will motivate the individual to learn and hence to manage projects more effectively and meet the company’s objectives. The employees see the advantage of having such an opportunity, took time to study, discuss various case studies and study for the exams well beyond the normal office hours. A high number of employees who took the training also committed to writing the exam. The results of the exam were very rewarding as all took part passed the PRINCE2 exam and receive the office certification from U.K. The certification is recognized worldwide.

As soon as the employees knew the news that everyone had passed the exam, everyone was excited all the way to the top management. PCH and their employees felt that they had made a good investment in their time. They felt that they had received a good project management foundation, together with purchasing knowledge and communication skills. This combination gives them powerful knowledge and the confidence to achieve better results. Apollo also received an excellent level of satisfaction rating from PCH in relation to the overall training.

Apollo Consulting Group is an Accredited Training Organization which delivers ITIL and other certifications on behalf of APMG. Since 2003 it has trained over 2000 professional project managers and completed many international projects. Apollo offers PRINCE2, ITIL (IT Service Management), Project, Program and Portfolio Management (P3O) in addition to other advanced PM and purchasing programs. Apollo has head office in Beijing, with branch office in Hong Kong.


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