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About Apollo Consulting Group

Apollo Consulting Group is a PRINCE2® and PMP® ITIL®, P3O® in project or program portfolio management training and consulting provider with its own training academy located in Hong Kong and Beijing, China. Our training courses are offered though a global network of business partners.

Our trainers have worked on large scale international projects, we produce our own time proven training course materials, training videos, project management tools and have an development teams exploring the practical project management approaches. Not just from a theoretical point-of-view, but be able to deal with down to earth project management implementation issues.

Apollo Consulting Group is a project management training provider. The company was founded in 2003 in custom project solutions. Since then we have trained over 2000 project management professionals and implemented many international projects from many countries. We operate through an international network of business partners and affiliates. Call us if you want to sell PRINCE2®, ITIL®, P3O®, PMP®, and other advanced project management and purchasing courses.

Apollo is also the first company to offer the advanced P3O (Portfolio, Program, Project) Office training in Hong Kong.

Why use Apollo Consulting Group?

Since 2002 Apollo Consulting Group has trained over 2000 project managers. We have created our own accredited PRINCE2® and PMP® training materials. We used our years of experience to build this popular training that has commanded many successful project and project management office implementations.
Apollo Consulting Group can assist you in setting up and running your projects. We do this using the following steps:

  • Train you in PRINCE2® or PMP® project management – this can be tailored to the individual and organization needs
  • Test your knowledge by applying simulation workshops
  • Run advanced training courses for senior project managers
  • Help you set up your project organization, this can be:
    • Project office
    • Program management office
    • Portfolio management office
  • Help you staff your project management team
  • Assist you in running your project
  • Help you find the right software tool

Apollo Consulting Group has the rights to sell accredited PRINCE2® and other training courses and exams worldwide on behalf of the APMG.

Please contact Apollo Consulting Group if you are an established training organization and wish to sell PRINCE2® and other courses in Apollo Consulting Group portfolio.

We have trained people in project management from

Canada, US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Japan, South Korea

Apollo Consulting Group ©2009

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Earn credits from PMI

Apollo course participants can earn professional development units (PDUs) for attending the PMI courses through our partner Protrain China for all Project Management Program courses.


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